The Top 5 Managers and GM meet on a weekly basis to keep informed and make decisions pertaining to McConn. After working together in such a tight knit environment, this team becomes connected as friends for a lifetime.


Bethany Kirkwood is the General Manager at McConn Coffee Co. and works with college interns who operate all aspects of the business. Bethany oversees five student interns, nine shift managers and 35 baristas. Ever since she was a student, she’s loved the ability that coffee has to bring people together. Now, as McConn’s general manager she is able to pursue her passion to serve and connect with others as a career. Bethany has previous work experience at Starbucks Coffee Company, the Grant County YMCA and Indiana Wesleyan’s Adult Enrollment. She earned her Associate of Business Administration from Ivy Tech, Bachelor of Business Administration from IWU and Master of Science in Management from IWU.



Lauren Erickson is the Marketing Manager for McConn Coffee Company. She works to connect and communicate with customers, design and market merchandise, and further reach our audience through social media platforms. Lauren is a senior accounting and marketing major from Wooster, Ohio. She has a diverse experience across numerous graphic design and editing programs and enjoys the creativity that goes into the marketing process. Lauren values connecting with customers and representing McConn with the most professional and quality work as possible.  Andrew is pursuing his Bachelors of Arts in 2020 from Indiana Wesleyan University. 

John Lothery is the Accounting Manager at McConn Coffee Company. Every day, John serves McConn by processing all of the revenues and expenses, creating financial statements, and managing the point of sale system. John is passionate about stewarding all of McConn’s talents, time, and resources for the glory of God. In all his tasks, John brings a positive attitude to the challenges that arise on the job. John plans to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Accounting.


Andrew Cullers is the Purchasing Manager at McConn Coffee Company. In this role, he facilitates communication with outside vendors to find the most cost effective and highest quality products for McConn to serve. Andrew believes that customer satisfaction is the key to success in his position. To continually grow and expand McConn, he listens to suggestions from both baristas and consumers to facilitate this positive change. He currently holds a position as a Residential Assistant in Hodson Hall at Indiana Wesleyan and previously held positions at Indiana Carton, Indiana Wesleyan University and Bremen Public Schools. Andrew is a currently a junior and pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Accounting and Finance.

Hannah Hood is the Business Development Manager at McConn Coffee Company. Within this position, she looks to build relationships with other organizations on and off campus to further develop McConn’s community. She works on product development and special events that McConn has in effort to create meaningful impressions with McConn staff, community members, as well as Indiana Wesleyan students and faculty. Hannah has worked with a variety of food service organizations previous to McConnn as well as interned with The Branch coffee shop/cafe in Fairmount Indiana and under the Lieutenant Officer’s office in marketing/community relations positions. She is working towards a double major in strategic communication with an emphasis in public relations and journalism.



Sam VandeBunte is the Human Resource Manager at McConn Coffee Co. In this role, he is able to build a community and connect with all of the employees by developing relationships and encouraging others. Sam creates weekly and weekend shift schedules, organizes employee meetings, and is a supporting resource for any employee on and off the clock. This is Sam’s first time working with McConn, so he is eager to learn more about McConn and the coffee industry. Sam plans to graduate with a degree in Finance from Indiana Wesleyan University.



These dedicated managers ensure that each shift flows smoothly and our customers are ultimately taken care of. They work long hours and take responsibility for the three to four other people on shift! Our Shift Managers are the glue that holds McConn together day to day.