The Top 5 Managers meet on a weekly basis to keep informed and to make decisions pertaining to the business. After working together in such a tight knit environment, this team becomes connected as friends for a lifetime.


Melissa Whitehead is the General Manager at McConn Coffee Co. and works with college student interns who operate all aspects of a business. Melissa does this by overseeing 5 student interns, 9 shift managers, and 37 baristas. Melissa believes that at the center of all good things is a great cup of coffee and that the best education is gained from hands on experience. Melissa operated her own Retail business in her hometown for 5 years, and is passionate about Entrepreneurship and supporting students in their Business experience. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University, and she finds it an honor to serve the IWU community.



Grace Herndon is the Marketing Manager at McConn Coffee Co. She works to unify design elements and implement brand guidelines within the company as well as run social media and promote merchandise. Her knowledge of the Adobe Suite helps her create quality imagery and graphics that represent McConn's values and style. Grace values forming meaningful connections with customers and clients. Before she began her career at McConn, she worked as a Plumber's Apprentice. She is currently earning her degree in Graphic Design at IWU.

Madi Laberdee is McConn Coffee Company’s Purchasing Manager who works with outside vendors to find the best quality products for our company to serve, while meeting the needs and wants of our customers and employees. Madi believes that building relationships is essential to finding the perfect products for McConn. Madi has worked at Level One Pools and Spas as the Finance Department Bookkeeper. Madi also owns her own Mary Kay business as an Independent Senior Consultant. Madi is currently studying Accounting & Finance at Indiana Wesleyan University, and will graduate in December of 2018.



Jo Ott is the Accounting Manager at McConn Coffee Company who supports McConn through tasks such as revenue and expense processing, financial statement preparation and point of sale system management. Jo loves the role that McConn plays on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University and enjoys that her position allows her to contribute to the company’s mission and continuing success. Jo has previously held positions at Spectrum Health System, Indiana Wesleyan University, Interior Concepts Corporation, and Hope’s Outlet Ministries. Jo is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in the areas of Accounting and Finance at Indiana Wesleyan University.

Kylie Ryan is the Business Development Manager at McConn Coffee Company who works with the Indiana Wesleyan University community to further develop and improve their McConn experience by coordinating engagement events. She believes in the power of community and its ability to foster intentional relationships. Kylie has worked at Ambassador Enterprises, LLC in Fort Wayne, IN, as well as the IWU Recreation and Wellness Center prior to starting her management position at McConn. Kylie has experience in event planning, marketing, and public relations. She is working towards obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Management with a minor in Strategic Communications at Indiana Wesleyan University.



Noah Stratton is the Human Resource Manager at McConn Coffee Company. His passion and love for business can be found through the many relationships and opportunities that come from hard-work and dedication. He is a student athlete in the sport of track and field and has had past experiences with Meijer and Kids Alive International. He is studying Marketing and Management and will graduate in the Spring of 2018.



These dedicated managers ensure that each shift flows smoothly and our customers are ultimately taken care of. They work long hours and take responsibility for the 4 other people on shift! Our Shift Managers are the “glue” that holds McConn together day to day.