Latte Art Basics

latte art.jpeg

Many people love going to specialty coffee shops because of the beautiful latte art in their drinks. There are many different types and variations of latte art that baristas can make: hearts, rosettas, swans, tulips, and so much more!

In order to have gorgeous latte art, baristas need to first have perfectly steamed milk.

For the first 100 degrees of steaming, aerate the milk. The steam wand should be resting on the side of the pitcher, causing the tip to be on the milk’s surface, inserting small air bubbles into the milk while making a quiet hissing sound.

At 100 degrees, submerge the steam wand fully into the milk, having it swirl evenly around the milk pitcher. Be sure to turn the steam wand off at 150 degrees.

Next, groom the milk by tapping the pitcher on the counter to get rid of any bubbles. During this time, swirl the pitcher quickly to fully incorporate the milk before pouring.

When pouring, start high and slow, pouring the milk in a steady stream in the middle of the cup.

When approaching the top of the cup, bring the pitcher closer to the milk and begin pouring the milk. As the milk rests on top of the latte, continue to pour quickly before “cutting” through the foam by pulling through across the cup.

Making latte art takes practice and patience; however, is fun for all!

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