Our history

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In 1995 Indiana Wesleyan University's Business Division introduced the idea of a Student run coffee shop to help create community and opportunity for students to gain hands on experience with operating a business.

The coffee shop began as “Common Grounds” in 1996 and was located in the basement of the chapel where Noggle is currently located.  In 2002 the Student Center was expanded allowing the successful coffeehouse to move to its current location in the Barnes Student Center.  McConn Coffee Co was named after the longest serving president of Indiana Wesleyan University, William McConn.  Several artifacts from the original location adorn the space including stained glass windows and chapel lights adding to the warmth of the past to the pace of the present.  


This successful site has proven to train and develop scores of students over the years gain solid work experience!  Each semester, students gain valuable hands on experience in areas of Marketing, Human Resources, Purchasing, Business Development and Accounting while assisting in the overall development of a profitable and mission-critical business. McConn Coffee Co. is now a full service coffee bar that employees 5 Team Leaders (obtaining their Business Internship) 9 Shift Leaders and 37 baristas!  

McConn provides a number of hot and cold drinks, premium desserts and pastries, and always fresh and delicious coffee drinks including the latest trends in specialty drinks.